Enterprises' Challenges Program

  • Small & Medium Enterprises
  • 10 Days

Via enterprises' challenges Webform 

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Monsha’at provides the Enterprises' Challenges Service to support SMEs and facilitate their businesses. A specialized team receives complaints, challenges, and obstacles from SMEs, sorts and reviews them, and then forwards them to the appropriate government entities to find suitable solutions.

Objectives of Enterprises' Challenges Program

Terms & Conditions

The enterprise must be small or medium-sized, or an entrepreneur who is in the process of establishing an enterprise.

The Challenge Form must contain precise information about the enterprise.

All fields in the Challenge Form must be fully completed and are mandatory

The sector should be specified based on the approved activity classification

The region must be indicated

The identifier number (commercial registration - ID) must be included

Steps to Register for the Enterprises' Challenges Program

Fill out the required data accurately

Submit the application

The application will be reviewed, and a response will be provided within 10 business days


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