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The Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority "Monsha’at", was established in 2016 to regulate, support, and develop the SME sector in the Kingdom. It operates independently under the Ministry of Commerce and aims to increase the productivity of SMEs and raise their contribution to the GDP from 20% to 35% by 2030.

Monsha'at is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. It develops, implements, and supports programs and projects to foster the entrepreneurial mindset, diversify financial support for businesses, stimulate venture capital initiatives, and help enterprises enhance their operations in areas such as administration, technology, finance, marketing, and human resources. To review the tasks and responsibilities of the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises.

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Empowering the SME sector to become the driving force behind the growth of Saudi Arabia's economy and to achieve the objectives of Saudi vision 2023 and beyond.


Supporting the growth and competitiveness of SMEs by collaborating with strategic partners from various sectors, both locally and globally, to create an enabling environment and build a leading society.

Strategic Objectives

Inspiring Environment

Meeting the essential needs and providing opportunities for the prosperity of all SMEs.

Promising Enterprises

Providing services and business opportunities to enhance the growth and competitiveness of all SMEs.

Entrepreneurial Community

Promoting entrepreneurship and supporting ambitious entrepreneurs to increase the number of new start-ups

Strategic Pillars


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