Monsha'at launches its Cost Calculator

Tuesday 03 January 2023

The General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises (Monsha’at) launched a new service that provides entrepreneurs with accurate project feasibility estimates, calculates government fees, and identifies the break-even point of each project.

Monsha’at explains that this particular tool calculates initial incorporation fees from 8 government agencies, in addition to calculating break-even points through the estimated fixed costs of a business, its expected unit sales, and variable cost per unit. You can access the calculator through this link:

Monsha’at's driver is its keenness to facilitate business operations and information access, and its interest in raising awareness of basic costs associated with operating a commercial establishment. The organization is constantly working to fulfill the needs of all entrepreneurs, both male and female. It aims to create a promising environment that facilitates opportunities where people can grow and prosper, be it through support services or business opportunities, thus nourishing the entire sector and its many subcultures and departments. 

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