Monsha’at launches the second edition of its dictionary

Tuesday 03 January 2023

The General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises (Monsha’at) launched its second edition of The Entrepreneurial Dictionary, which aims to spread the culture of entrepreneurship and serve as a definitive reference for entrepreneurship terminology.

The dictionary consists of a set of business terms that have been appropriately categorized, translated, and defined based on the most reputable international sources. The dictionary contains more than 1,500 terms and multiple sections that concern the business community.

The entrepreneurship journey begins at the Entrepreneurship Dictionary tab, which is a portal to many areas of business, including Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Project Framework and Planning, Business Administration, Funding, Investment, and Finance. You can access the dictionary through the website:

Monsha’at is constantly working to fulfill the needs of all entrepreneurs, both male and female. It aims to create a promising environment that facilitates opportunities where people can grow and prosper, be it through support services or business opportunities, thus nourishing the entire sector and its many subcultures and departments. 

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