Utilizing Cyber Attack Simulation Tools (Red Teaming Tools)

28 - 29
2023 August
Event time: Monday 28 August 2023 12:00 AM - Tuesday 29 August 2023 11:59 PM


- Providing a set of technical tools utilized by companies, particularly by cybersecurity teams known as Red Teams. 

- Exploring the functionality of each tool, reasons for their usage, and expected outcomes.

- Understanding the extent to which the utilization of these tools can enhance the prediction and mitigation of cyber-attacks.


- Familiarity with the technical tools used for vulnerability assessment.

- In-depth understanding of the tools used and their operational mechanisms.

- Understanding how these tools are employed within the work environment and integrated with existing cybersecurity solutions within the organization.

- Awareness of the feasibility of implementing attack simulation tools in the corporate work environment.

Expected impact:

The discovery of a range of technical tools used by companies, particularly cybersecurity teams known as Red Teams.  

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