Thakaa Workshop: Internet of Things (IoT) Utilizations

16 - 16
2023 October
Event time: 11:00 AM - 12:59 PM

The objective is to introduce the essence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its applications to entrepreneurs and innovators. This will enable them to adopt relevant IoT applications in their enterprises to reduce costs, increase productivity, and more. Additionally, they will be encouraged to find innovative solutions to problems and apply the same principle to create new market products that address specific issues using existing components or custom-manufactured ones. The possibilities of IoT applications are vast and depend on the implementer's mindset and, most importantly, their understanding of how to utilize it. This workshop aims to provide participants with that understanding.

- Participants will gain a deep and clear understanding of IoT.
- They will comprehend what IoT is and its various applications.
- Participants will be empowered to innovate problem-solving services through IoT by understanding the underlying principles and applying them to any product or service.

Expected Impact:
Participants will gain an understanding of the stages of the Internet's evolution leading up to the current stage and how IoT has developed along with its applications.

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