"Monsha’at" Concludes Its Participation in the "Web Summit" in Portugal

Monday 22 January 2024

The Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monsha'at) has successfully concluded its participation in the Web Summit conference, held in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon from November 13th to 16th. Monsha'at was represented by 12 Saudi enterprises, ranging from billion-dollar companies to fast-growing startups, including beneficiaries of the International Expansion Program. The primary aim was to provide entrepreneurs with opportunities for growth, business expansion, and networking with global counterparts.

This participation is part of Monsha’at’s ongoing efforts to engage internationally and showcase Saudi companies, while also offering entrepreneurs the chance to participate in such events and expand their business networks. Monsha'at has recently participated in the global COMEUP exhibition in the Republic of Korea, as well as the SWITCH exhibition and Tech Week in Singapore, among other international events. These engagements play a crucial role in developing and supporting entrepreneurial ecosystem, SMEs, and fostering collaboration in developing solutions and programs for participating entities across various sectors.

Throughout the Web Summit, Monsha'at provided an opportunity for all participating startups to showcase their business activities, exchange information with visitors from around the world, and contribute to the development of the entrepreneurial environment in the Kingdom.

Web Summit stands as one of the world’s largest events dedicated to technology and entrepreneurship, attracting investors, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers with over 70,000 annual visitors and the participation of around 2,300 startups. This presents significant opportunities for Saudi entrepreneurs to expand their business networks, explore international expansion opportunities, and access leading investment opportunities in various fields.

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